Zanu PF Secretary for Administration, Dr Ignatius Chombo says the ruling party is now in serious campaign mode for the 2018 harmonised elections, which he hopes will be held in the first half of the year.

Speaking at the commissariat workshop on voter education and voter registration campaign held at the party’s headquarters today, Cde Chombo said next year’s polls should give Zanu PF the mandate to continue running the country.

“Simply put, Zanu PF has to continue to rule the country, as no one else has anything to offer.  The Zanu PF government has many pending projects under ZIMASSET that it has to see to fruition. The successful completion of these projects will see the relegation of the MDCs and other opposition parties to the doldrums of political history,” he said. 

“There is no doubt that the elections are going to take place in the first half of next year. Time is, therefore, of essence if we are going to put in place mechanisms that will help us win the election. Our victory next year must send a very clear and strong message to all and sundry that Zanu PF means serious business in fulfilling the mandate that the people of Zimbabwe have always bestowed on us to govern this country since 1980 when we attained independence,” added Dr Chombo.

Cde Chombo also hailed the Zanu PF Youth League for setting the campaign trail in motion.
“I am pleased that the Youth League has already set the pace with the Presidential Youth Interface Rallies which we have all seen to be overwhelmingly successful. Additionally the fact that the Youth have successfully lobbied to have President Mugabe‘s birthday declared a National Holiday gives boost to the 21st February Movement. The Women’s League has also been busy with a host of mobilisation programmes that feed into the Party’s consolidated campaign strategy,” he said.

Cde Chombo also reiterated the party’s unanimous endorsement of President Robert Mugabe as its only presidential candidate for the elections.
He assured the party that resources will be availed in time for their election strategy roadmap.

“Already we have distributed four vehicles to each province and more are on their way. The party is also mobilizing resources in an effort to meet the operational and administrative costs in the provinces,” said Dr Chombo.

Speaking at the same workshop, the party’s Chairperson for Discipline, Cde Patrick Chinamasa said all party members must be united, adding that the culture of suspending and firing of members is not acceptable.

“Votes of no confidence can only apply to those who are incompetent, and must never be allowed to divide members. You must also bear in mind that it is only the disciplinary committee that confirms any action taken by the party against members,” he said.

Zanu PF Secretary for War Veterans, Cde Sydney Sekeramayi said the freedom enjoyed by every Zimbabwean must be safeguarded by the party.

He said the war veterans must take a lead in campaigning for Zanu PF and must participate in mass mobilisation ahead of the elections. zbc