Tuesday 29 August 2017


Jamaican reggae dancehall superstar Beenie Man has been roped in to lend his star power to Philip Chiyangwa’s Apa Hauna Cash brand — his first association with a Zimbabwean fashion brand.

The Native Investments Africa Group (Niag) founder introduced the 44-year-old singer and dancehall DJ, whose real name is Anthony Moses Davis, as the brand ambassador during his visit to Zimbabwe this weekend.

This comes as the property tycoon has embarked on an extensive campaign for the collection which includes round neck and golf T-shirts, shirts, college jackets, hoodies, sneakers, caps and kids wear. 

Besides the casual clothes designed for comfort and ease, the range also includes cooler boxes, pens, bracelets, power banks, sweaters, mugs, and plates.

The Kingston native, who has won a Grammy award for Best Reggae Album for his 2000 release Art and Life, was chauffeured around Harare in Chiyangwa’s Rolls Royce, and said it was the first time that he was endorsing a Zimbabwean fashion brand.

Wearing a black Apa Hauna Cash T-shirt and jeans, Beenie Man said he was very excited to partner with Chiyangwa for this.

“Yah man, listen man. You talking about you got money, you ain’t got money. It’s too much talk, chat too much, huh. If you ain’t got s**t, don’t say s**t. I’m finished, there you go,” Beenie Man said just after arriving at the Harare International Airport as he departed after his performance at Harare’s Alex Sports Club over the weekend.

Chiyangwa told the Daily News his team was equally excited to have the superstar on board, and feels that his association will definitely help build a strong connection between the brand and his fans across the country.

The swaggering property tycoon said Beenie Man commands a huge fan following across all age groups in Zimbabwe and abroad and his presence will drastically increase the aspirational value of Apa Hauna Cash.

Celebrity endorsement is one of the advertising world’s most popular tools. Having a widely admired musician, athlete or actor or actress attached to your product can work wonders in gaining the attention and trust of consumers.

And Beenie Man putting his name to the Apa Hauna Cash fashion label could be an important celebrity backing and game changer for the clothing line. Daily News


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