Thursday 27 July 2017


President Mugabe who has been told by his wife, Grace to name a successor has warned the military against pushing for his ouster saying they had no right to interfere with the political processes in the country.

He said politics leads the gun and not the reverse. Mugabe insisted on one centre of power and slammed those agitating for his removal saying they were power hungry.

He said there was now rampant indiscpline in Zanu PF with provinces that issue votes of no confidence on their seniors in the Politburo without going through the necessary procedures.
Mugabe said grievances should be presented through party structures right up to the national disciplinary committee which handles grievances in the party. He said the party has procedures and positions are never to be usurped.

He pointed out the issue of Cde Charles Tawengwa in which he was suddenly removed from his position by a group.

The President said those who want Cde Tawengwa’s position and those of ministers of state  should wait for their turn and not remove other people through the backdoor, in what he called gross indiscipline.


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