Sunday 30 July 2017


President Mugabe says the state of his health surprises even his doctors, pointing out that he is still fit to lead both Zanu-PF and Government as the country prepares for next year’s harmonised elections. President Mugabe was addressing tens of thousands of people at Chinhoyi University of Technology at the fifth Presidential Youth Interface yesterday.

“There is an issue to say the President is going, I am not going; the President is dying, I am not dying, and I thank God for having lived to this day,” he said.

“I thank God also for giving me good life. I will have an ailment here and there. I go to the doctors like everyone else; but body-wise, maorgans angu ese —my heart, my liver, mukati umu very firm, very strong.

“Vakashama vanachiremba kuti you have gone so strong, your bones, your system. Ndikati ndiMwari. But, of course, muscles and bones also must be assisted to be strong. For years, ndakangova munhu akangoramba achiita exercise the body, from prison to this day. So, certainly the bones are bound to be strong. Tinonamata kuti Mwari arambe achitipa hupenyu.”

On unity in the ruling Zanu-PF, President Mugabe said he was aware that some people wanted his position, and also castigated those bringing tribal thinking to national politics.
“Vamwe vari divided tribally, vamwe vanoshorana. ‘Rwendo runo hatidi vechiZezuru, takuda kuti tichipinda isu.’ Once you begin to talk like that, you are not going to be a uniting person at all.

“I don’t have that kind of talk. I am happy; when I am in Matabeleland or in the Midlands or in Manicaland; hapana vandinoti ava havasi vangu.”

He added: “Vakuru vatinavo muPolitburo, muGovernment should recognise that the principle that made us succeed was one of unity. Yes, there is the aspect of discipline and self-sacrifice; but underlying those ones is unity.

“Unity means we are together in mind, we are together in the way we operate in our positions. We are together in mind also means we should speak the same language. We should avoid speaking against each other, kunyeyana, kuorganizirana.” sunday mail 


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