Friday 28 July 2017


President Mugabe has urged the Zanu-pf Women’s League to consider amendments to the party’s constitution to create a slot for a third vice-president post that will be reserved for women.

President Mugabe said this while officiating at the Women’s League National Assembly meeting at the party’s headquarters in Harare. His remarks followed concerns raised by the party’s Secretary for Women’s Affairs Dr Grace Mugabe that the party should revert to its resolutions that one vice-president’s position be reserved for women.

President Mugabe acknowledged the concerns raised by women, adding that the agreed position had been scrapped following the sacking of former Vice-President Joice Mujuru and her cabal.

“Asi ndinoda kuti hongu kuti takakuisai ndare tanga taka bvumirana kuti one out of three positions dzinege dzaitwa hold neparty kana neGovernment should be that for women. Aah zvakangozosvika panguva yaana Mai Mujuru ndozvakatikanganisa patakaisa murume, then I think it was VaMnangagwa. We can correct that either directly kuconstitution yedu kuCongress or another way ingava yekuti zvatagara taita accept that change, why don’t we look at the constitution. A constitution is made to serve the people not the people to serve a constitution,” President Mugabe said.

He then urged women to consider the creation of another position for the vice presidency for discussion during the next party’s Congress in 2019.

“Tione kuti hapana here other ways of doing it, but I would want you to consider that, perhaps we leave that position as it is or if you insist, we will change it. But ndaingoita ndangariro yekuti other countries have more than two. Why can’t we have three deputies and correct this position that way.

“Chimbofungai naizvozvo. Two choices, one to revert to our position of two VPs and one being a lady, but another of adding another position of a VP and we have three VPs and one woman. Think of those mere suggestions toenda kuCongress as you like, but think it out and we discuss it kuCongress, but certainly we have offended against you and I must apologise for that,” he added.

He urged women to put their concerns in writing, especially on equal representation of men and women in positions of authority and forward them to the leadership of the party
President Mugabe also commended women for the work in fending for their families and in society in general. “We think of you as individuals in society, who are mothers of our children. “We think of you in society as participants in the tasks of the family.

“You lead in some instances the family as you toil hard for the children, children to have food, for the children to go to school and we think of you finally as our partner, our cultural partners and I want to believe it’s all cultures that are like us.

“We must have women as wives and mothers of our children and without you there would be no husbands, there would be no children,” President Mugabe added. Herald


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