Thursday, 26 August 2021


A Hopley man believes is being haunted over marrying his niece. The couple has had four children including one who is late and are expecting another one.

Charles Matinyarare, 38, married Olivia Mariridze, 35, thinking her father was dead. However, it later emerged that her real father was alive and is a relative- Patrick Matinyarare, 75.

Adding to the confusion, Patrick Matinyarare denies paternity. Relatives claim Olivia was born out of an incestuous relationship between Patrick and her mother Ella Mariridze.

Charles and Olivia’s marriage has been topical in a family WhatsApp group and at family gatherings at their Chitenderano Village in Nyazura.

The couple says life has been unwell for them since their discovery that they were ‘related’. With Patrick denying being the biological father to Olivia; no one is ready to receive lobola for Olivia.

Charles told H-Metro that Ella, his mother-in-law demanded a beast as fine for disclosing his incest marriage with her daughter.

“Life is dark by day for me and my family,” said Charles. “Rega vakuru vati chakafugidza dzimba matenga uye chiri mumwoyo chiri munhinga nekuti handikuziva kuti mumhuri munogona kuvhigiridzwa makunakuna kusvika murufu.

“I met Olivia at our family village and proposed love to her since she would visit the village after a very long time. It was after I impregnated her when one of elders in the village disclosed it to me that she was my cousin Patrick’s daughter.

“We were in love and upon asking my cousin Patrick, he denied and I went on to ask Olivia’s mother about it and she became angry.

“She became furious about it and told me to pay her a fine of a beast accusing me of labelling her a prostitute since she had been married to another man who is late now.

“Olivia did not know that the man she called her father was not her biological father as the family members kept it a secret up to this day.

“Iyezvino upenyu hwangu ini marwadzo, hapana chirikufamba ndirikungoita munyama wega wega uye mudzimai wangu ari kushungurudzwa mudzinhamo matinoenda.

“At one time I approached my mother-in-law with the intention to pay lobola but I was turned down although her husband was still alive.

“She is now a single mother and this is the time village people are beginning to unearth all these issues but already I have three children and the fourth one passed on.

“We raised issues of DNA tests but the alleged parents are failing to cooperate. “I am appealing to traditional leaders to help me in addressing this matter because my life and that of my children born out of this marriage are not in good shape,” said Charles.

Olivia narrated her ordeal describing the matter as too sensitive and delicate since it involves her biological mother.

“I do not have much to say but my life is in danger as well as that of my baby I am expecting,” said Olivia. “I was humiliated recently when we visited the village to attend a funeral. “The issue was topical at the funeral wake as well as on the family WhatsApp group and I do not know more about this and my mother is in that position to explain. 

“What I know is that my father died and upon his death some issues pointing me to another father became the talk at my mother’s family,” said Olivia.

Contacted for comment, Patrick denied the allegation saying he has no child by the name Olivia.

“Vanopenga avo ini handina mwana anonzi Olivia akaroorwa naCharles,” said Patrick.

Ella, the mother to Olivia refused to entertain H-Metro to give her side of the story. H Metro


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