Tuesday, 28 April 2020


FIREBRAND independent legislator for Norton Temba Mliswa was arrested yesterday for undermining the authority of the police, the Daily News can report. 

Mliswa was captured on video, which went viral on social media, allegedly shouting at the police in Norton, accusing them of failing to enforce social distancing at a supermarket as a measure to contain the spread of coronavirus.  His lawyer, Musindo Hungwe, confirmed the arrest. 

“He was invited to the police to face charges of undermining the authority of the police. The charges are emanating from the video where he was telling the police to observe social distancing. We are, of course, not admitting to the charge and the matter could go to the courts,” said Hungwe.

According to Hungwe, his client is being victimised politically for being a voice to the voiceless, including the police officers who have been going about their duties without personal protective equipment.

“These are trumped-up charges. There is no substance in the charges. This is political persecution because there was nothing untoward about what he did.

“He was just asking the police to enforce the Covid-19 regulations. He told the police that they should maintain order because they sought to benefit from chaos. When a Member of Parliament raises those points, he is just doing his duty as a public official,” Hungwe said. 

A fortnight ago, Mliswa had a nasty exchange with law enforcement agents who had been deployed in the dormitory town of Norton to enforce the lockdown that the country is presently observing to curb the spread of coronavirus, which has been confirmed positive in 31 people, with four fatalities. 

In the video clip, Mliswa is seen shouting at two police officers for allegedly failing to compel a supermarket manager to wear a face mask to curb the spread of the coronavirus pathogen. 

While he praises some police officers for observing social distancing, Mliswa had no kind words for senior officers who he claimed were lackadaisical in enforcing the lockdown and ensuring adherence to preventive measures against the global pandemic. 

An irate Mliswa then goes on to call someone on his cellphone whom he claimed was Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga. 

“I am going straight to the CG (Matanga) if you don’t know me that well. We enact the law for you to enforce, but you become so stubborn. 

“You do not deserve to be an officer-in-charge. You must leave Norton,” Mliswa charged.
 Mliswa has been active in his constituency, conscientising people on the lethal coronavirus. Daily News


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