Friday, 13 September 2019


Zimbabwe's farewell to Robert Mugabe descended into chaos today as a stampede broke out during a public viewing of his coffin. 

Mourners were carried away on stretchers and the police and military tried to restrain the crowd as a panic broke out at the Harare stadium where the former President's remains were put on display. 

Crowds charged through barriers and overcrowded the pitch as they tried to get a look at Mugabe's coffin after it was flown in by helicopter, escorted by his wife Grace.

Zimbabwean media said 'numerous' people were injured at the ceremony today while others were able to limp away and were treated by Red Cross medics. Riot police later restored order with batons.

Thousands had gathered to see off Mugabe - who remained popular with some Zimbabweans despite the violence and economic crisis which marked his rule - but the former dictator is already proving as troublesome in death as he was in life.

Today his family insisted he would be buried in a private ceremony next week, shunning current President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his plans for a hero's burial in Harare. Daily Mail


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