Saturday, 30 June 2018


A GWANDA woman has dragged her ex-boyfriend to court seeking a protection order against him for harassing her for allegedly aborting his baby.

Dumisani Khumalo of Phakama suburb, who did not deny harassing Ms Sithulisiwe Ncube, told the court that the altercation started after she aborted his baby while he was in South Africa.

“We were staying together with Ms Ncube during the course of our relationship. I left for South Africa in September last year and a few weeks later she called me and informed me that she was pregnant with my baby.

“In January she called me saying that she had a miscarriage. I later came back home and I found Stameta liquid in the house. I’m sure that she drank it in order to terminate the pregnancy. Ever since that time we have had problems and that led to our break up,” he said.

Khumalo said he also learnt that his ex-girlfriend did not inform anyone of her alleged miscarriage but went ahead to bury the foetus in the garden.

In her response, Ms Ncube denied terminating the pregnancy. She said she had a miscarriage while alone at home and she could not go to the hospital as she did not have the money.

She said she consulted a friend who advised her to drink the liquid in order to clean her womb. Ms Ncube said she further buried the foetus in the garden as she did not know how to dispose of it.
In her application for a protection order, Ms Ncube said her ex-boyfriend was in the habit of coming to her house uninvited to harass her.

“Khumalo has a tendency of coming to my house and he assaults me and takes my belongings by force. He also threatens to either kill me or beat me up and leave me handicapped. He says he will attack me and then flee back to South Africa.

“I’m now living in fear because of this harassment. I pray with the court to warn Khumalo against harassing me,” he said.

Presiding over the matter Gwanda magistrate, Miss Nomagugu Ncube granted the order that is 
binding to both parties. She ordered Ms Ncube and Khumalo to observe peace to each other. Chronicle


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