Friday 28 June 2024


A married woman has gone to court seeking protection against her husband whom she says is a sex pest.

Marvis Makurisa said her husband, Milton Mucheka, insulted and threatened her for refusing to accept his endless intimacy demands.

“Your worship, I have been having problems with my husband who forces me to be intimate with him. He does not show me love and affection, all what he wants is intimacy every time he is at home. When I refuse to be intimate with him, he assaults and calls me names.

“I am a fruits and vegetables vendor. Everyone in our Chikanga neighbourhood knows that my husband calls me names. My work colleagues mock me that I am blinded by love to continue enduring his endless abuses. I love my husband, but he should stop being a sex pest. He should also manage his anger because I do not want to be a single mother. He sometimes abandons me with the children and this breaks my heart.

“I was forced to take the protection order route because of his endless harassment. If he promises to change his uncouth behaviour before this court, I am prepared to withdraw my protection order application.

The husband said :“I sometimes act out of anger because a sex-starved man is bound to react in such a manner. I sincerely apologise to my wife for my endless demands. I really love my wife. I at times work nightshifts and this can be confirmed at my workplace.

“I won’t be seeing someone as she alleges. The reason why I stopped supporting my family was because I felt like she was challenging me by not being submissive in bed.

“I assure this court that we will live in peace and not going to bother her again. It has dawned on me that my marriage can collapse over silly issues we can amicably resolve.”

The magistrate said: “I will not grant the protection order since it emerged in this court that you all agreed to maintain peace towards each other, and that you Mucheka have agreed to settle your issues like adults with your wife. A peaceful home brings in love and progress.”



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