Monday 24 June 2024


A Harare man, who was recently released from prison through the Presidential Amnesty, has begged the court to protect him from his ex wife who is desperate for him to return to jail.

Samuel Shamhu, convicted of rape, said his ex wife, Natasha Mutyambizi, was spoiling for a violent confrontation with him.

He said Mutyambizi visited his home and harassed him in front of his tenants while demanding money from rentals. He said in April, Mutyambizi came to his house early in the morning and tried to pick a fight with him for no reason.

The court heard that, Mutyambizi had been granted a protection order against Shamu before he was jailed for rape. But Mutyambizi objected to Shamu’s application accusing him of lying, adding that  the house he was trying to stop her from visiting was their matrimonial property.

Magistrate Mukwesha, however, granted Shamhu a protection order against his ex-wife. She ordered Mutyambizi to stay away from Shamhu and his place of residence.



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