Sunday 25 February 2024


A Guruve man was allegedly killed by two women, one of whom he attempted  to rape on Friday.

The now deceased Brighton Mapira died after being struck twice with an axe handle by his target victim and her neighbour.

Mashonaland Central province police spokesperson, Inspector Milton Mundembe, confirmed the case.

"I can confirm a murder case in Guruve where Mapira tried to rape Manuel Swemma (31) who cried for help and got it from a neighbour Letwin Chisango who came armed with an axe handle," Mundembe said.

"Upon Chisango's arrival, she saw Mapira wrestling with Manuel in a bid to rape her and he managed to escape."

It is alleged that the women chased after Mapira and caught up with him.

They allegedly took turns to hit him on the head with the axe handle until he fell unconscious.

After the attack, the two bound his hands and legs together with a rope before tying him to a tree.

Manuel's husband Brian Mazhambe was called and he found Mapira dead. He then made a police report. Standard


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