Thursday 15 June 2023


JUDITH Musamadya has filed a complaint with the Judicial Service Commission after being evicted from her home in Kuwadzana Extension.

Musamadya (54) alleges that she entered into an agreement to sell her property to Memory Madzimbamuto for US$17 000 in 2012.

She claims Madzimbamuto only paid US$15 400.

Madzimbamuto then evicted Musamadya from the property without paying the full purchase price.

The two have been locked in a legal battle for over a decade.

Musamadya claims to have a Harare Civil Court order for Madzimbamuto to pay the remaining balance before the property is handed over.

However, she was later evicted from her home and arrested for contempt of court.

She claims the Deputy Sherriff did not make an appearance at any of her court hearings until the matter was removed from further remand.

“I have a Harare Civil Court order which confirms that Madzimbamuto should first pay the remaining balance before I hand over the house to her,” says Musamadya.

“But I have been evicted from my house and only became aware of cases HC10657/13 and HC1996/22 in the High Court this year.

“When the Deputy Sheriff came to evict me from my Kuwadzana Extension house, I was not at home.

“I later had access to my house through other means.

“I was arrested by ZRP Kuwadzana on April 14, charged with contempt of court under CRB 2407/23.

“I also appeared at the Mbare Magistrates’ Court on 28 April and May 10.” H Metro


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