Tuesday 27 June 2023


IN a suspected case of juju, a 42-year-old Kuwadzana woman travelled to a Budiriro house where she stripped.

She then climbed on top of the house. The incident happened on Sunday evening.

Maria Chimuranzi, a mother of four, attracted a crowd with some claiming she was a witch.

Several men tried in vain to take her off the roof as she threatened to throw herself down until police came to her rescue.

She was taken to Budiriro Police Station where she opened up and taken back to Kuwadzana.

Maria’s cousin sister, Nomatter Chimuranzi, told H-Metro that an evil spirit could have been haunting her.

“Maria has been staying with her husband in South Africa,” said Nomatter.

“She came back on Friday and her mother led her to Stoneridge on Sunday morning to visit relatives.

“Her mother remained in Stoneridge and Maria returned with one of our little sisters.

“Along the way she ordered the little sister to proceed home while she visited a church in Machipisa.

“We began to worry when she failed to return home and had plans to lodge a police report.

“She has been attending a cult church in South Africa and we are yet to know more from her husband,” said Nomatter.

Budiriro residents suspected the owner of the house was responsible for the bizzare act.

They stoned the house and his vehicle demanding to know the reason why Maria targeted his house.

“Why is she shaming women by stripping at this house?

“Why this house, we need answers,” shouted a resident.

House owner Thomas Mupfawa was also shocked by the incident saying he was away when Maria climbed on top of the house.

“I was attending a funeral when I received a call that a naked woman was on top of my house.

“I do not know her and I am also shocked and surprised why she targeted my house,” said Mupfawa. H Metro


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