Friday 9 June 2023


Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) leader Mqondisi Moyo has warned that people’s increasing desperation to topple Zanu PF may lead to the election of another Zanu incarnation, in response to reports that former political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, intends to run for president.

The MRP leader told CITE that Kasukuwere once dispatched emissaries to him in South Africa in 2019 offering him the post of deputy, while he was to be a president, a sign that he was power hungry.

“I can’t recall the exact date but it was between September and December when Kasukuwere, who was also in South Africa sent emissaries to me because he wanted me to work with him and be his vice president,” he alleged.

Moyo said the three emissaries came to him while he was in the company of his party’s South African chairperson and other officials.

“The emissaries were Ndebele people, two of them were Msipa brothers and I knew one of them from our time together in ZAPU. So I think he might have told Kasukuwere that he knows me. This Msipa fellow had a printing shop in Bulawayo and when we were in ZAPU, we once printed ZAPU t-shirts at his shop and when we met, he joked that ZAPU still owes him some money from that printing,” Moyo said.

These emissaries told him that “Kasukuwere was taking over Zanu PF,” and this was before the emergence of a Tyson Wabantu campaign in parts of Bulawayo,” stated the MRP leader.

The MRP leader stated if he had accepted what the emissaries were telling him, it would have resulted in a meeting with Kasukuwere, who was also in South Africa.

“This was before Kasukuwere even came back to Zimbabwe,” Moyo said, claiming the emissaries told him Kasukuwere had said Matabeleland was impenetrable because MRP was making inroads.

“They said Kasukuwere wants to form a party, where I was to be his deputy so that he wins the hearts of people of Matabeleland. I thanked them for their acknowledgement that Kasukuwere knew of my existence as Mqondisi Moyo and of MRP but in return I asked them when did Kasukuwere retire from being a Central Intelligence Operative because once one – always one,” he said.

The MRP leader stated he also questioned the emissaries what difference Kasukuwere saw in Matabeleland now that he wanted to be president rather than when he was Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment.

“I pointed out that when Kasukuwere was Minister of Youth in 2013, he was given US$10 million for the 10 provinces, with each to get one million. The money was given to CABS and CBZ. We strongly encouraged youth under 35 in Matabeleland to apply for those loans and even assisted some. Guess what, out of all the youth we assisted to apply, no one received a loan,” he said.

“AS MRP we discovered that youth from other places applied for the money pretending to be locals.”

Moyo stated he also informed the emissaries that Kasukuwere was a product of Zanu PF and a beneficiary of its discriminatory policies, hence was no saint in Zimbabwe’s crisis.

“I refused their offer and told them if a child was born under Zanu, most probably the child will behave like most Zanu PF people, which was my way of  telling them that I don’t trust anyone from Zanu,” he said, claiming the emissaries added that Kasukuwere has money.

“I said I was not in this for money and as long as I see that you have disadvantaged Matabeleland, I am better off without money.”

Moyo, on the other hand, claims the emissaries went and “never brought back a reply.”

It is from this incident that the MRP leader cautions citizens to be wary of who they vote for in their desperation for better lives.

“Kasukuwere was on the wanted list alongside Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao but is now allowed back in Zimbabwe. Don’t forget that when he was a CIO, the person who recruited him was Mnangagwa,” Moyo alleged.

He also questioned why, when Kasukuwere returned to Zimbabwe briefly in 2018, his crime had changed from “a criminal that surrounded Mugabe to border jumping.”

“I remember commenting that Zimbabwean affairs are funny because at one point, Mnangagwa also jumped the border after he was fired from the government but was not arrested, so he too should answer to border jumping crime,” Moyo said.

He went on to say the state of politics in Zanu PF was “full of drama” and did not know which side Kasukuwere was on but lamented people would fall for it regardless.

“Zanu doesn’t just pick anyone to come and be Zanu. There are a lot of issues but people are failing to understand that Kasukuwere’s return shows Mnanagwa has a soft spot for him.”

Kasukuwere, according to the MRP leader, will have no impact in the upcoming election or in Matabeleland.

“People must learn not to celebrate issues they don’t understand. No one from Mashonaland cares for Matabeleland,” Moyo claimed. CITE


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