Sunday 25 June 2023


MUSICIAN Tongai “Greatman” Gwaze is a troubled man.

While he remains grateful for the grace to celebrate his 30th birthday and fifth wedding anniversary with his wife Silibaziso Masara, he, however, feels “neglected”.

He is not happy with his music career.

“I see the power of God. My life has not been an easy journey. No one ever imagined that I would survive this long, let alone become a recognised star in the music industry,” Greatman said.

“My condition is a delicate one; I even doubted if I would be around for this long, but God has made it possible.”

Greatman, who is disabled, uses a wheelchair and requires assistance to do most things.

“It would have been nice for me to release a new song or album for this special occasion. However, I am sorry to announce that there is nothing from me. I do not have funds to go into the studio for new productions.”

He said music promoters who appeared keen on his work have since vanished.

“They (promoters) have turned a blind eye on me. I think this would have not been the case if I was not disabled. Local promoters seem to shy away from working with artistes who are disabled.”

To keep himself busy, the “Kuita Kwavo Mwari” singer has resorted to street performances.

“I play on the streets for free and get donations from well-wishers. This is how I am taking care of my family and paying bills.”

The musician rents two rooms in Kuwadzana.

“I am going through a rough patch, but God has stood by me. I have neither gone to bed on an empty stomach nor failed to pay rent.”

He is grateful to his wife for her unconditional support.

The couple started dating in 2019 and got married a year or so later.

In 2021, they were blessed with a son — Karran Gwaze.

“God gave me a lovely and humble wife, who always stands by me in difficult times. I am happy to be celebrating five years of my union with Silibaziso. She is respectful and caring. She has never abandoned me,” he said.

Greatman was born on June 24, 1993. Sunday Mail



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