Friday 16 June 2023


A RUSAPE man has been sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for axing his girlfriend to death after she had ditched him for another man.

Finos Chibeke of Muradzi Village was last week found guilty of murder.

He appeared before Mutare High Court Judge, Justice Isaac Muzenda, while Mr Malvin Musarurwa prosecuted.

Mr Musarurwa said Chibeke murdered Angeline Saki by striking her head with an axe.

“On February 9, 2022, and at Muteweye Village, Chibeke murdered Angeline Saki by striking her on the head with an axe,” he said.

Mr Musarurwa said Chibeke and Saki were in a relationship, but the latter was also dating Robson Bhunu.

“On the day in question, Saki was at home with Chibeke when Bhunu arrived. Saki told Chibeke that she was no longer interested in him. This sparked an argument between the two, with Chibeke demanding a share of the property they had jointly acquired. They reached an agreement and Chibeke left,” said Mr Musarurwa.

He said Chibeke later came back and asked for a chance to talk to Saki, but she refused.

“During the night of the same day, Chibeke returned and demanded for food, which he was served. When he finished eating, Saki collected her plates and went into the bedroom with Bhunu.

“Chibeke called Saki for further deliberations and she obliged. Chibeke immediately struck her on the head once with an axe.

“Saki collapsed and Chibeke disappeared from the scene. Bhunu went outside to investigate and saw Saki lying on the ground with the axe still stuck in her head,” said Mr Musarurwa.

“Saki was rushed to St Mary’s Hospital before being transferred to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital in Harare where she succumbed to the injuries,” he said.

Testifying in court, Bhunu said he did not know that his girlfriend was seeing someone else.

“I did not know the accused person prior to the February 9, 2022 incident. On that day, I went to Saki’s homestead and sat outside the kitchen hut.

“As I was seated there, Chibeke emerged from Saki’s bedroom and entered the kitchen hut. In no time, I heard the two arguing, but could not pick out why.

“After a while, Saki served him food and told me that Chibeke was her live-in boyfriend, although she was no longer interested in him. Saki left for her sister’s homestead and Chibeke followed her.

“Later during the day, the two returned and I heard Chibeke demanding that they share the maize and groceries that they had procured together. Saki did not respond and went to fetch some water. Chibeke left,” said Bhunu.

He said Chibeke later returned that night and Saki served him some food.

“I was in Saki’s bedroom. When she came and joined me, Chibeke called her outside and she complied. Immediately thereafter I heard the sound of something being struck. Within seconds, she fell with a thud.

“I went outside and saw Saki lying on the ground with a wooden handled axe stuck in her head. I also noticed Chibeke disappearing into the darkness.

“Saki was lying in a pool of blood. I informed her sister, Mary Saki, who rushed to the scene and we looked for transport to ferry Saki to the hospital,” said Bhunu. Manica Post


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