Saturday 17 June 2023


LUCK ran out on two armed robbers after the dashboard camera of a car belonging to someone they had robbed captured their images.

The duo was yesterday sentenced to 10 years in prison each by Harare magistrate Clever Tsikwa after they were convicted of breaking into a house where they stole a car battery and other valuables.

Tsikwa, however, suspended two years and the men, Joseph Phiri (44) and Clever Mununudzi Nengomasha (50), will now serve eight years each.

According to Tsikwa, armed robbery cases are on the increase and people now fear for their lives and properties.

“They are not sure when they will be attacked. Armed robbery exposes a person’s selfishness. The starting point is to understand that armed robbery is a serious offence. It usually involves premeditation. The starting point of armed robbery would be 12 years in prison,” Tsikwa said.

“However, the court takes into account that they are first-time offenders and the complainant was not injured, therefore, the accused are sentenced as follows; each 10 years in prison, of which two years are suspended on conditions that they do not commit a similar offence.”

Allegations are that on February 2 last year, the complainant woke up and unlocked his kitchen door, but was suddenly confronted by the robbers wearing balaclavas and wielding an unidentified pistol.

The duo instructed him to comply with their demands before force-marching him to his bedroom, where they tied his hands and legs using a skipping rope.

The complainant was also covered with a blanket.

He was robbed of US$3 000 which was in his car, a smart watch, a phone and US$50 cash he had in his pocket. The robbers also stole a safe which was, however, empty.

They also took his rifle and some ammunition before trying to steal a parked Nissan Hardbody which is fitted with a dashboard camera.

The court also heard that the robbers failed to steal the vehicle after its anti-hijack was activated. They then ripped off its battery and disappeared with it.

The robbers were, however captured on the vehicle’s dashboard camera and the complainant’s gardener identified one of the robbers.

The robbers were arrested on March 6 last year. Newsday


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