Wednesday 24 May 2023


The Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura) has removed Phillip Chipfumbu from its board with immediate effect over allegations of dragging the name of the organisation into disrepute.

This follows a slew of allegations made by Chipfumbu where he accused board Chairman Albert Nyathi together with First Farai and Alexio “Goodchild” Gwenzi of planning a private journey to Bulawayo where they reportedly squandered the association’s funds.

While the trio were in Bulawayo on Zimura business, Chipfumbu convened a media briefing with journalists in the capital where he accused Nyathi and other board members of having captured the association and were abusing funds.

In a statement, Gwenzi, Zimura’s spokesperson, said Chipfumbu lacked ‘Corporate Governance and his ignorance led him to act in a way that brings the organisation into disrepute’ hence his dismissal.

“The ZIMURA Board hereby notifies its members and stakeholders that Phillip Chipfumbu was removed from the Board through a Board motion on 8 May 2023. The decision was taken after his recent actions that were deemed contrary to the Association’s procedures and culture,” said Gwenzi.

He said the Bulawayo trip was done above board.

“The trip was a .management normal activity as part of its day to day running of the Organisation. Management is mandated to carry out the day-to-day functions of ZIMURA including executing resolutions that the Board would have made. His claim that ZIMURA has no Management team is baseless and unfounded because there is a legally appointed Management team. The Board appoints the head of administration who in turn appoints other staff members. All employees at ZIMURA have employment contracts hence there are no ghost workers as wrongly claimed by Mr Chipfumbu,” wrote Gwenzi. 

He said Chipfumbu’s claim and his friend’s comments that the Board members are thieves is a mere fabrication coming from an ill-informed and misguided element.

“No Board Member has misappropriated any funds from the Organisation. This claim is part of a smear campaign to tarnish the Board Members’ image and the ZIMURA brand. Soon the perpetrators will answer for Defamation and Cyber bullying charges that have been laid against them,” he said.

Gwenzi said a member will be appointed form the membership to replace Chipfumbu until the elective AGM in 2025  Chronicle


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