Wednesday 10 May 2023


The second witness in Tendai Biti’s assault case told the court that the former Minister of Finance charged aggressively towards Mrs Tatiana Aleshina, while insulting and pointing his finger at her.

Biti is facing charges of assaulting businesswoman and investor Mrs Tatiana Aleshina at the Harare Magistrates Court, which resulted in her being admitted to Trauma Centre in Borrowdale.

Givemore Kasekete said he thought Biti was going to physically assault Mrs Aleshina judging by the way he was shouting and charging towards her.

He also said Biti victimised Mrs Aleshina through his violent action.

“All the people who were in the court corridor at that time paid attention as Biti was shouting on top of his voice insulting Mrs Aleshina,” said Kasekete.

He told the court that it was only Mr Michael Van Blerk, who had to come in between Biti and Mrs Aleshina to stop the CCC legislator from assaulting the complainant.

“When I saw Biti aggressively charging towards Mrs Aleshina, I thought he was going to hit her before Mr Van Blerk intercepted him,” he said.

Harare magistrate Mrs Vongai Guwuriro Muchuchuti deferred the matter to May 16 for continuation with Mr Van Blerk in the witness stand.

During her testimony, Mrs Aleshina said she went to Trauma Centre to get treatment as her shoulders were very painful.

While leading evidence, Mr Reza asked Mrs Aleshina what went through her mind during the incident and she replied that she was traumatised and thought Biti was about attack her as he was very aggressive, shouting and pointing his finger at her.

Mrs Aleshina told the court that she froze when Biti charged towards her and felt he would physically attack her.

“As we were walking in the corridor I suddenly heard noise and shouting behind my back.”

Mrs Aleshina said she immediately stopped in shock only to see Biti with a crowd of people charging towards her.

She further stated that she had never come across that type of unruly behaviour in her life.

She told the court that Biti was aggressive and pointing his finger at her face while shouting “you stupid, stupid, stupid idiot and was shaking his body in an aggressive and angry way”.

Mrs Aleshina said after the incident she felt confused and wandered around the court for some minutes looking for an exit point.

“On my way out someone asked me why Biti was shouting at you and I couldn’t answer that. Someone else then said Biti can’t treat women like that you need to report him to police.”

“I decided to go to the Russian Embassy to tell them what happened. They calmed me down and advised me to go to the police to report the matter,’’ she said.

She said while at the police she discovered that her half body was numb and could not move, even her hand to sign.

Then the police offered to assist her to go to hospital and she ended up being taken to Borrowdale Trauma Centre where she got treatment and was not in a good condition, prompting them to put on a drip and admitted her.

Mrs Aleshina told the court that Biti’s behaviour was unprofessional given that he is a prominent lawyer.

“When Biti charged towards me he was very aggressive and in my mind I thought he was going to kill me,” she said. Herald


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