Monday 17 October 2022


FORMER Zanu PF political commissar and ambassador to Mozambique Victor Matemadanda has reacted angrily after being snubbed for central committee (CC) position in the Midlands province.

Sources said Matemadanda was invited to contest for a position in the CC for Gokwe but refused, saying he wanted to give others a chance since he was working outside the country.

But the Zanu PF DCC chairperson Tawanda Karikoga reportedly persuaded him to participate and Matemadanda told him that he wanted to “consult.”

“After Matemadanda had consulted, he agreed to take part. However, towards the elections, he was told that he failed to make the grade to represent Gokwe in the Central Committee and they had opted for (allies of former Security minister, Owen) Ncube and this irked the ambassador,” the source said.

However, in responding to the fiasco, Matemadanda singled Karikoga out to express his displeasure.

“I am what l am, not because of an accident but because l have invested in this thing called Zanu PF and l even invested in my own education which no one is going to take away from me. I have worked hard for who and what l am. l am not at that level which you want to put me. Please respect me.

“I am disappointed that my name is being put into denigration for no apparent reason. You (Karikoga) approached me asking me to stand in the CC. In fact, your words were that you as Gokwe had decided that you put me in the CC and l refused, telling you that I wanted to go give others a chance. You persuaded me until I consulted,”  Matemadanda said in an audio to Karikoga acquired by NewsDay.

“After consulting, I came back and I have the communication. You persuaded me and I then said yes but I told you that I don't want to block anyone and now you are having a rally to insult me for what you invited me for?” Matemadanda asked.

On Friday, last week Zanu PF leaders in the province held a rally at Gokwe Centre which was graced by Ncube, Provincial chairperson Larry Mavhima, and Karikoga among other senior party leaders at which they allegedly attacked Matemadanda.

According to a reliable source, the Ncube camp also castigated the recently elected legislator for Gokwe Central Davison Masvisvi and councillor for Ward 1 Sesame Davis Taruvinga, for allegedly working with Matemadanda.

The diplomat said he was surprised that Karikoga and his team held a rally to denigrate him.

Karikoga’s phone went unanswered when contacted for comment. Newsday


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