Saturday 22 October 2022


Panyanda, an upmarket lodge at the outskirts of Masvingo had three gazebos gutted by fire resulting in a loss of property worth around US$50 000.

Panyanda Lodge shareholder Eddison Zvobgo (Jn) confirmed the incident and blamed the fire on poachers. The fire swept through Lot 2 of Constance farm near Masvingo.

A company has since been hired to assess the actual value of the destroyed property, said Zvobgo.

He said that the gazebos were razed down by the fire but some movable properties like televisions, beds and tables were moved out before they were destroyed.

Environment Management Agency (EMA) Masvingo manager Milton Muusha said about 450 hectares of land were destroyed by fire suspected to have been started by poachers who wanted to trap animals.

The fire started from the game area, went into the lodge section were it reached an area with used tyres and it became more ferocious.

He said Masvingo Fire brigade and farmers from neighbouring Clipsham farm helped to put the fire out. Masvingo Mirror


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