Wednesday 19 October 2022


FARMERS have been urged to be on high alert for fake maize seed in circulation.

This has resulted in the police and SeedCo launching a campaign to warn farmers against seed scammers.

SeedCo managing director Terrence Chimanya yesterday told journalists in Harare that counterfeit seed products were in circulation.

“Our product basket is facing counterfeiting threats, which is not only a threat to our brand name, but is a more serious threat to farmers and the nation.  We warn farmers to stay clear of these fake seed dealers. Their selling prices are below the market price of genuine products, and in some cases with margins that may seem reasonable to victims,” Chimanya said.

“The impact caused by fake seed dealers is huge on economic and social fronts because it might cause hunger due to poor harvests, leading to depleted incomes. SeedCo maize seed has the potential to reach 8-16 tonnes per hectare, however, a farmer using fake seed will lose about 80% of their harvest.”

“For a brand to lose 7,8 tonnes through fake seed pipelines is a huge loss to the agriculture community. SeedCo is now working with the police to confront the challenge head-on. Current penalties are non-deterrent, we seek a sentencing review to curb the threat of fake seed.”

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said already 13 cases involving 7,8 tonnes of fake seed have been reported to the police.

“Investigations established that the fake seed is sold at illegal outlets and open spaces.  Members of the public must report suspects that package and sell counterfeit maize seed,” Nyathi said. Newsday


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