Tuesday 4 October 2022


BEITBRIDGE councillors walked out of a full council meeting on Monday, accusing council executives of being political agents bent on undermining implementation of projects by the opposition-led local authority.

The councillors called for the expulsion of all non-performing officials.

During the charged Beitbridge municipality’s 138th full council meeting, councillors listed six major projects that had not been implemented since they assumed office in 2018.

The councillors, led by former mayor Morgan Ncube, quashed attempts by town clerk Loud Ramakgapola, who pleaded with them to stop making the local authority dysfunctional by walking out.

“We have, since 2018 when we were elected, been making resolutions like the Dulivhadzimo Bus Terminus construction. We have asked where a grader we purchased is, and about a sewerage jetting machine, and non-functional street lights, but nothing has been done. We cannot continue coming here to make resolutions that are not implemented,” Ncube, who is councillor for ward 3, said.

His motion to abandon council business until all resolutions are implemented was seconded by councillor Takavingei Mahachi.

“Even in my ward, we have no sewer (system), no water and since I became councillor, nothing has been done. We have no point coming here to waste council resources when nothing is being implemented,” Mahachi said.

His assertions were supported by councillor Granger Nyoni and deputy mayor Agnes Tore.

The councillors view some council workers as agents of government who want to see the opposition-run local authority fail. Newsday


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