Friday 16 September 2022


CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) interim spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere was yesterday issued with a warrant of arrest by Harare magistrate Taurai Manuwere.

This is despite the fact that the courts had released her passport to allow her to meet former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in New York, in the United States.

Mahere, through her lawyer Chris Mhike, had filed an application for the release of her passport saying she would be attending the Presidential Centre for Wen Development strategic review session scheduled for September 14 and 15 in New York City.

Mahere is a pioneer fellow of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf initiative.

She said the initiative is designed for the development of young women and the advancement of democracy, adding that her participation would benefit Zimbabwe’s standing as a constitutional democracy.

However, Manuwere said Mahere knew very well that she was supposed to be in court yesterday.

“The remand of the accused who is absent must be consensual with the State and now the State is opposing it. The accused should be called three times and a warrant of arrest be issued,” Manuwere said.

Mahere is expected to appear in court on September 30, where her ruling is expected to be delivered on the charge of communicating falsehoods. Newsday


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