Monday 26 September 2022



This aptly sums up the just-ended star-studded sungura gig held at the Harare International Conference Centre on Saturday.

Dubbed “Sungura Blast”, the gig turned out to be a big farce after it attracted a paltry crowd.

With a perfect line-up led by superstar Alick Macheso, the poor turnout exposed the promoters’ short-comings.

Despite the good stage set-up, perfect sound and superb lighting, the poor attendance was the talking point stole as the auditorium was almost empty.

To say the event was a flop would be an understatement.

It was also evident the event organisers didn’t market their event to perfection.

At least, they should have engaged a seasoned promoter to help them in marketing the event.

And, whoever slept on duty at Gateway Stream Music, deserves a stick for failing what could have easily passed as a simple test.

Parading all the stars under one roof, it’s hard to believe how the script horribly went wrong.

With Macheso, Mark Ngwazi, Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria, Baba Harare, Suluman Chimbetu, Audinance Kuimba and Shantel Sithole completing the line-up, a serious promoter should have made a killing.

The planning boobs have also come as a rude awakening to Gateway Stream Music, who made an impact during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Star FM presenter Skywalker proved popular with  fans who enjoyed his jokes.

It was also sad to note that some fans returned home in protest over the gate charges.

They ended up charging more than US$20 for the ordinary ticket and US$50 for VIP.

Initially, they had indicated that the cheapest ticket was pegged at U$10 but that was not to be.

Research has shown that sungura fans are very particular with gate charges.

In most cases, the highest figure fans can sacrifice is US$10.

The majority of sungura artists charge US$5 and below during live shows.

Despite the poor attendance, artists on the line-up delivered to their best.

Kuimba, who appeared first on stage, had a good day in office.

He made his life easier after playing mainly sing-along tracks.

Strumming his acoustic guitar, with absolute finesse, it was evident he had come well prepared.

He thrilled a handful of fans as the opening act.

Kuimba’s playlist comprised Ziva weKuchemera, Madhlamini, Huya Utore and Muchetura weMoyo.

He then played  Ngoromera  and Kusakura Ndzunza, cover versions penned by the late Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi. H Metro


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