Friday 30 September 2022


A MARANGE man who was on the run after hacking his two minor children to death with a machete and leaving his wife and father-in-law for dead in July was recently found hanging in Odzi.

Steward Chimbango was found hanging from a tree branch in a mountain in Nyagundi Village 4B.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Norbert Muzondo confirmed the development.

“Chimbango disappeared after killing his two kids. He was on the police wanted list and efforts to locate him were fruitless. His body, which was in an advanced state of decomposition, was found hanging from a tree branch on a nearby mountain,” said Inspector Muzondo.

Chimbango disappeared into the Rukandamo Mountain shortly after the gruesome murder of his two sons – Christian (five) and Cloud (one) Chimbango. He hacked both his children on their heads with a machete and they were found lying in a pool of blood at their parents’ homestead.

Police said Chimbango and his wife, Ms Mutsawashe Mukobo (22), had a long standing domestic dispute, resulting in their separation in May.

During their separation, Chimbango took custody of the two minors.

“On July 12, Chimbango called his father-in-law, Mr Davison Mukobo, and asked him to come and collect his daughter’s belongings. The next day, Ms Mukobo, Mr Davison Mukobo and his brother Mr Ebern Mukobo proceeded to Chimbango’s home in Chipfatsura Village.

“Mr Davison Mukobo tried to settle the couple’s dispute, but failed. He then instructed his daughter to pack her belongings. While Ms Mukobo was inside the hut, Chimbango followed her and drew a metre-long machete from the thatched roof. Ms Mukobo alerted her father, but Chimbango charged towards his in-laws while brandishing the machete.

“Ebern bolted from the scene and Chimbango hacked Davison with the machete once on the back. He fell down and was struck again on the head,” added Inspector Muzondo.

Chimbango attacked Ms Mukobo before turning to his two children. Manica Post




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