Thursday 18 August 2022


The mother to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Mr Nick Mangwana, Gogo Mangwana, has passed on.

Gogo Mangwana breathed her last yesterday at the age of 90.

Mr Mangwana confirmed his mother’s death to The Herald last night saying they had lost a family pillar and loving mother.

“She was dearly loved and will be sadly missed,” said Mr Mangwana confirming the passing on of his mother.

The late Gogo Mangwana became a nonagenarian on  March 4 this year, her birthday.

The late Gogo Mangwana sired three lawyers, one of whom rose to become a Cabinet minister at one time, a medical doctor and Mr Mangwana who is a senior civil servant as a permanent secretary.

Burial arrangements are still to be revealed. Herald


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