Tuesday 19 April 2022


CALL him Joe Flop.

It’s not better than Joe Boy but that’s exactly what the Nigerian artist did during his hyped Harare show on Sunday night.

There are some fans who are saying it’s the worst show, by a foreign artist, they have attended.

Some are even accusing the organisers of selling them a dummy even though they had to dig deep into their pockets for the show.

Ticket prices were ranging from US$20 to US$200.

It was dubbed “Joeboy Live in Harare Concert,’ but it should have been called “Joeboy Robs Fans In Harare.”

It continues a trend in which the foreign artists have come short. The same goes for Nigerian star Joeboy who act was short. The message from disgruntled fans has been loud and clear:

Mercy Mugaro “What was that though, we were robbed, to think that I had convinced my hubby to come ka…at least we thoroughly enjoyed Jah Prayzah’s performance.”

Ezekiel Manjengenja  “Ko, kungoita ma line-up emuno zvakaipei ana Joe Boy voridzwa music yavo nema DJs?”

Daniel Sigauke “Kunonoka kuuya oimba 10 minutes, we really should give Jah Prayzah his flowers now, he delivered a great performance hake.”

 Simbarashe Chakare “I want my 20 back aaaahhhh.”

Itai Daisy Mutinhiri “Majokosi, iko kuzotiti ZAMBIA!!! Muriko here? Jah Prayzah is a sports finisher, JOEBOY OFFICIAL should have been an opening act chokwadi.”

 Mukunda Wekanyii “By the time he played we were sitting in the car because we were blocked. What a disgrace.”

The concert attracted a bumper crowd. Jah Prayzah’s progress is clear as he keeps evolving with each passing day.

Like wine, which gets better with age, the lanky performer proved the doubting Thomases wrong and showed that he invests a lot in his performances. As has become the norm, Jah Prayzah proved it’s high time local promoters reward domestic acts more than the foreign acts, who hardly last an hour on stage.

Speaking to H-Metro, Jah Prayzah’s manager, Keen Mushapaidze said they invested a lot on stage.

“Jah Prayzah is a hardworking artist who takes his job seriously,” he said.  He is willing to improve despite the fact that he might appear to be on the top.

“If you followed tonight’s show, you will realise that it was a completely a new set which suits the crowd. We are grateful to the fans and promoters who still have faith in us.

“I know we might not be the favourite of many but we happy for those who love us.” H Metro


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