Saturday 27 March 2021


THE estranged wife of a Harare businessman accused of raping his daughter on several occasions since 2017, yesterday chronicled how her daughter revealed the sexual abuse and how she at one point contemplated committing suicide during her time in school.

The woman told the court that she was left devastated upon hearing her daughter’s “sad story” which left her with no option but to divorce the husband.

She also told the court how she traced and picked out tissues used by the businessman after allegedly raping his daughter in Harare.

“I used a plastic paper to pick the tissues that were used and I took them to the police. The police placed them in an envelope and I do not know what happened to them,” she said.

She said she wanted justice to prevail and to prove that her husband had raped their daughter.

“I never fabricated the story about this offence. I am the one who paid for the DNA because police indicated that machines at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals were down.

“The police even said their equipment was down and suggested that we approach other institutions for DNA tests,” she said.

She refuted claims that she wanted to extort $3 million and take away three residential stands from the businessman.

The woman said the money in question was being claimed from him by her daughter as compensation for the sexual abuse she suffered at his hands.

She also said that the three stands were part of assets that they intend to share as part of their divorce proceedings.

“My daughter is the one who is claiming that money for compensation although there is no amount that he can pay for what he did to her.

“The stands have nothing to do with this rape case, they are part of divorce proceedings. I can’t fabricate these allegations, and without these allegations, he is facing I would still claim those stands as part of our divorce settlement,” she said.

She claimed that she would have accepted the stands when her husband offered her in a bid to stop her from taking the matter to the police.

“He had offered to give me three houses. He sent his young brother and overseer called Masocha from his church to talk to me, but I refused. “My daughter told me that she wanted to commit suicide at school in second term,” she said.

The matter is expected to continue on March 29 when the investigating officer who handled the matter testifies.

Harare regional magistrate Mrs Gloria Takundwa presided while Miss Audrey Chogumaira prosecuted. Herald


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