Monday 29 March 2021


A Police officer in Zaka appeared in court on Thursday charged with raping his ten-year-old daughter.

In a stranger than fiction tale, Constable Maxwell Mandeya (50) allegedly ordered his daughter to close her eyes as he allegedly raped her and then told her that he was poking her private part with a stick.

Mandeya of Gumbo Village under Chief Ndanga appeared before Regional Magistrate Judith Zuyu on Thursday facing rape charges. He allegedly raped her twice and she escaped on the third occasion.

Mandeya is pleading not guilty. State prosecutor Noel Muranda said this happened from October 2020 while Mandeya’s expecting wife was away at Ndanga Hospital.

Mandeya called his daughter when his other two children were at the garden and ordered her to sleep facing upwards. He ordered her to close her eyes and raped her while telling her that he was poking her with a stick.

The complainant told Zuyu that he could feel Mandeya’s body on her but Mandeya was insisting that she closes her eyes. The girl ran away when he tried to rape her for the third time and reported to the local councillor who reported the case to the Police.

Mandeya said that his daughter was being used by his enemies who did not like the fact that he was the next village head after his brother who is the current head.

“My enemies are influencing my daughter to spread lies against me, how can I rape my own daughter? People hate me because I am the next village head,” he said

Zuyu will deliver her judgment on April 9, 2021. Masvingo Mirror


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