Tuesday 20 October 2020


A 33-year-old man was beaten to death after he was caught bedding a married woman in Mhondoro on Monday.

The man, only identified as Jaure, a driver of a tractor at Kent Farm, was reported to have been beaten with electrical cables and sticks at Mandaza village under chief Nyamweda.

Jaure was reported to have been phoned by his alleged married lover Sekai Vherinyama, 20, at around 8pm on Sunday after her husband Tatenda Tinarwo had left for work in Norton.

Kelvin Tinarwo was arrested while other suspects Tafadzwa Zharare, Owen Tinarwo and one other person fled from the scene after Jaure breathed his last at around 7am on Monday.

Chief Nyamweda, real name Claudius Mandaza confirmed the incident saying another man was recently murdered over infidelity issues.

“The whole village is in the dark following the murder of a man accused of dating a married woman,” said Chief Nyamweda. “It’s so sad, and to make matters worse another one of the villagers was recently murdered over similar issues.

“We strongly condemn the spirit of killing each other. There is need for awareness campaigns against taking of illicit drugs nezvimusombodhiya zvavarikuwanza zvekutadza kutya kuparadza hupenyu hwevanhu,” said Chief Nyamweda.

Sekai and Jaure were physically assaulted by Tatenda’s brothers Owen and Kelvin Tinarwo together with two others and police arrested Kelvin after the three fled the scene.

Sekai denied dating Jaure arguing that the late was her uncle. “My husband’s brothers were quick to suggest that I was having an illicit affair with Jaure,” said Sekai.

“Jaure phoned me at around 8pm while he was by the shopping centre introducing himself and I went there and took him home. He was yet to decide if he wanted sadza or tea when Tatenda’s brothers arrived and having realized their intentions, he hid in the house.

“Jaure is my uncle although I do not really know how he is related to us and my husband knows him. He was found under the bed after he ran into the bedroom to find cover but they dragged him and assaulted him until dawn.

“Inini ndakarohwa mazimbama pamwe chete nemwana wangu vakarova Jaure netambo dzemagetsi netsvimbo. They tried to pour water on him after he fell down and that was the time I managed to escape,” said Sekai.

Tatenda was called to the scene and managed to reach Sekai and ordered her to seek refuge at one of the members of the police neighbourhood committee’s houses until police attended the scene.

“I was informed about Jaure and rushed here and discovered that my wife and my child were not at home,” said Tatenda.

“I can neither confirm nor deny that my wife was dating Jaure but what irked me is how he managed to be in my matrimonial bedroom where he was pulled under the bed.

“I once worked with Jaure at a farm and he is a distant relative we used to call uncle and I do not know why he decided to visit during my absence, calling my wife on her mobile phone.

“I instructed my wife to seek help at one of the neighbourhood watch members nekuti anga ahwanda pahovhoni yezvidhina nemwana. “My wife failed to call my relatives to inform them about the visitor leading to the attack but I strongly condemn the killing of this man,” said Tatenda.

One of the villagers said Jaure managed to tell some of the villagers that he had lost his cellphone and cash to his attackers before he passed on.

“I attended the scene after hearing about Jaure’s beating and I witnessed him talking about his cash and cellphone he lost during the attack,” said the villager.

“To be honest I was shocked to hear that Jaure passed on because that time he was speaking well although he was unable to stand or sit; he was lying on the ground writhing in pain.

“It is bad that they beat him to death over suspecting an affair they do not have proof of since the husband was not around,” said the villager.

Jaure’s body was taken to Norton police station before postmortem. H Metro




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