Thursday 8 October 2020


 Health deputy minister John Mangwiro yesterday told Parliament that public health institutions had filled up all vacancies for junior doctors, and urged the new graduates to either join the army and police or wait until new openings arise.

Mangwiro said this in response to a question relating to a recent circular which circulated on social media two weeks ago alleging that junior doctors will now be conscripted into the army.

The circular generated a lot of anxiety as people suspected that government was now trying to militarise the health sector which has been inundated by persistent strikes by doctors and nurses due to poor salaries.

People also suspected that Health minister Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga was planning to militarise the health sector in order to force health professionals not to go on strike.

“What the MP is saying that we are trying to militarise doctors is not true,”Mangwiro said.

“What was mentioned by the government is that last year’s junior doctors did not complete their studies, and now there are three groups that have completed their studies and have to find work.”

He added: “The posts at the Ministry of Health are already full and therefore, the junior doctors can be recruited by the army, or the police. No one is being forced to do so, but those who want can be employed by the army and the police. Those that do not want can wait until they find a job,” he said.

Last week, Mangwiro disowned the circular saying that it did not emanate from the Health ministry. Newsday


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