Friday 23 October 2020



Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Ginimbi, Ginimbi, Ginimbi…

How many times have we called you, again? Not that you are on the wanted list or you have committed a crime, this time around seems you are the man of the moment because of the lavish parties.

Well most young boys, including those who are old enough to be your father wish to have your lifestyle, thus a survey conducted by this reporter.

Just like the United States rapper and television personality,T.I sang, “My life is your entertainment, you watch it while I live it, I walk, they follow, I talk they holla…”,

Ginimbi real name Genius Kadungure is living the life. By the way, check how he posts even eating his breakfast by the poolside while donning the expensive Versace barocco robe.

Doing it the boxing champion Mayweather style, a look in the shop, the robe costs around USD$600.

The businessman has even butlers and maids at his mansion. So in short Ginimbi’s life is our amusement park.

Should we say you are our P Diddy of Zimbabwe or has Hugh Hefner resurrected in the form of a black African business mogul? Many still wonder, with all the money, fame, cars and fortune, why he chose to build his mansion in the outskirts of the capital city — Harare.

Yet alone we have the Borrowdale Brooke, the famous Hogetry Hills — where everyone would die for.

In fact it is everyone’s desire to have a house in Harare, where the fast life, the business deals are conducted although some still think there is life outside Harare, farming, agriculture and mining is better if not best.

Well, Domboshava is not in Harare. Again Ginimbi, is the same flamboyant man who build us the profligate,“The Dreams Night Club” whose name speaks for itself  — you will have a dream of your favourite lifestyle in the night spot.

However, two weeks ago, he made headlines with his annual “All white party” which he hosted at his mansion in Domboshava.

First from the invites which were given out to his close friends, celebrities, business personnel and musicians by his manager identified as Shally, you could tell that apart from being organised, definitely it was a party not to miss.

Based on the previous parties which have been conducted before, dressing was an important part, where those invited would don elite and expensive designer clothes.

The ‘October baby’ who was still in the party mood caused a stir as he partied again with his clan in Bulawayo.

Ginimbi has cleared the air that he did not host a birthday party in Bulawayo as claimed on social media but had gone for a weekend retreat with his friends.

Who still remembers last year when South African millionaire Sam Holdings real name Sam ‘Mshengu’ Chabalala’ took most of his posh cars to Durban July, a fashion and horse racing fiesta.


It seems Ginimbi decided to follow suit as he had an entourage with friends who include DJ Rimo Jackson, Boss Tumelo, Patrick Chimpa and Hedley Mobbs popularly known as Papiichulo.

It was a battle between Harare and Bulawayo as the Bulawayo socialites, such as Archiford Zhanje (Boss Archie), Tawanda Gwasira, forex dealer — Mcheznana, Moses “Moze”Matsveru and DJs, Nospa came to hang out with Ginimbi.

Ginimbi and his team were at the Rainbow Hotel and Nesbitt Castle. In an interview with Saturday Herald Lifestyle, Ginimbi said they had gone to Bulawayo to have some ‘fresh air’.

“Well, I am surprised with all the hullabaloo people are making. “We hosted an all-white party two weeks ago and everything went according to plan.

“That was that. I decided a week after with my friends to just have a break from staying at my house and we decided to travel to Bulawayo. Had it not been for the global pandemic, we could have gone somewhere outside Zimbabwe.

“The people in Bulawayo are so welcoming. It was not about my birthday as it has been said on social media.

“You know me very well, if I wanted to host my birthday party in Bulawayo, I could have planned. Hope you have seen the videos and images circulating on social media and the dress code,” he said.

“I took a Ferrari 488 Spider sports car with me and I wanted to take both cars including the Lamborghini, I had just purchased but the company I had hired to tow the car said it could not fit on the carrier.

Some of the cars which were on the convoy include top of the range vehicles from Range Rovers to the latest Mercedes Benz SUV vehicles. One friends who commented on condition of anonymity said: “We have our own homes. Ginimbi has his life other than us and businesses to run too,” he said.

Ginimbi built his mansion on four acres of land in rural Domboshava which is 39 kilometres from Harare. He stays there with his sister Nelia and her son.

The mansion which has six furnished bedrooms, a fully equipped gym and a 14-seater state-of-the-art cinema, swimming pool is to date still turning heads not only in the rural set up but Harare as well.

Recently Ginimbi revealed to The Sunday News Lifestyle that he wanted his house to ‘shout style’. “When I engaged an architect to design my house, I made sure that he understood the way I live my life.

“I instructed him to study me from my choice of cars to dress sense to social interests and come up with something that depicts all of these things. The result was a two-storey buildings of pure class,” was quoted saying.

The mansion has an open plan type of design with doorless entrances connecting the rooms. Every single room  has a balcony giving access to the lush gardens.

The ground floor has a large kitchen, a lounge, a small ‘‘reception’’, gym, cinema,guest bedrooms and an entire guest wing which is separated from the main house by a series of garages for Kadungure’s top-of-the-range cars which include the Rolls Royce Wraith, Bentley Bentayga SUV and a Range Rover. To close it up, his doors have a Versace logo which is his one of the favourite fashion design labels. Herald


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