Tuesday 27 August 2019


NEWSDAY wishes to apologise to Dr Petina Gappah for a story published on August 23, 2019 headlined ED top adviser quits in which we erroneously stated certain facts as her reasons for not renewing her contract with the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC).

This attribution was based on a misreading of two separate Facebook posts that she made 20 days apart.

We are happy to clarify that in June 2018, Dr Gappah entered into a contract to advise the OPC on the legislation to set up the proposed flagship Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency (Zida) and to also advise on other aspects of investment promotion in Zimbabwe and abroad. This contract expired on July 31, 2019.

It has also come to our attention that Dr Gappah had always made it clear that she would not be renewing her contract as she had personal commitments in Europe and the United States from August to October 2019. In that respect, we apologise for not giving Dr Gappah the right to reply to Information secretary Ndavaningi Mangwana’s statement which cast aspersions about her contract.

An error was also made relating to her employment history in Geneva, Switzerland.

We sincerely apologise to Dr Gappah for the error the article might have caused to her reputation and standing in society.



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