Tuesday 6 August 2019


ZANU-PF national chairperson and Defence and War Veterans’ Affairs Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri has warned the MDC-Alliance to stop provoking the ruling party and urged war veterans to be alert as the enemy, represented by the West, was reloading an economic war on Zimbabwe aimed at destabilising the country and effecting regime change.

Addressing war veterans at Bazeley Bridge in Zimunya Marange on Saturday during the Manicaland war veterans’ inter-district conference, Cde Muchinguri said Government and Zanu-PF were fully aware of the West and the MDC-Alliance’s machinations and will not be easily pushed into retaliating as it was a trap.

“In conclusion, Comrades, the enemy is real and remains strong. After the elections they preached to us about democracy. They said democracy is about contesting and whoever wins, wins but after the elections our President won by 400 000 votes but they are resfusing to accept this yet they preach about democracy,” she said.

Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri said the MDC-Alliance is on record threatening “kudira jecha”. 

“When they lost they said “tinodira jecha”, they keep provoking us so that we will retaliate. They are spoiling for a fight. You saw what they did in August to provoke us and now they are accusing us of using the army,” she said.

Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri said the Zimbabwean National Army was disciplined and has never used its arsenal against citizens.

“My ministry’s position is that we do not point our guns at the people, our soldiers know their worth and that their job is to protect the masses and not to shoot them,” she said.

Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri said when the army was asked to assist the police to stop violent demonstrations in the streets on August 1 last year, a third hand took advantage to cause mayhem. 

“When demonstartions broke out in August there were enemies that had beeen planted to shoot at people and later we saw that the bullets that had been fired were not ours. They joined the demonstrations so that we will be blamed but we are carrying out investigations to flush them out. Those that are organising demonstrations only want to soil Zanu-PF’s image.

“That is what they are looking for and that is why they keep provocking us but as the army we are very disciplined and would not shoot at people. Wherever we have gone like Somalia we have done well. We have an impeccable record. Our enemies are using different tactics so we all need to be on the lookout.

“Our eyes should be able to see what the enemy is doing. Wherever we stay we should be ahead of the enemy. The enemy is there. We have heard that some of our enemies are training people abroad and these are being supported by local NGOs. How can the country have more than 30 000 human rights NGOs? What do we need them for?” she said.

Zimbabwe, Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri said, was a peaceful country and must not be perceived wrongly.

She said the opposition had also besieged the social media where it was generating content aimed at causing mayhem.

“We will not give up. That is what we fought for, so comrades we still have a long journey. Your President speaks highly of you and trust you. Let’s also reciprocate,” said Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri. Herald


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