Friday 2 August 2019


In an usual development, a Mutasa man Maxwell Gwechekweche died this week from suspected over-consumption of beer. The post mortem for the deceased will however be carried out on  August 29 to ascertain the real cause of the death.

Witnesses who saw the deceased before the fateful death said on July 30 at around 09.00hrs, the late Maxwell left home for Newengo Primary School in Ward 11 Sanyamandwe Mutasa Central to collect receipt for the payment of fees,  which he had done for his child through EcoCash in the  early morning of the same  day. After collecting the receipt, Maxwell proceeded  to Kabungaidze Bottle Store located at Chadzingwa Business Centre in Mutasa  where he started boozing.

The bar tender at the bottle store, Ivy Makoni said she sold  2 x 200ml of Tekuteku  beer and two bottles of 750ml Vineyard (commonly known as Vinyu) to Maxwell on credit. She said that Maxwell even left his mobile phone as surety that he would pay for the two bottles.

Later in the day, Maxwell was later joined by his friend Robert Kabvunza (46)  from Nyamhindu Village in Mutasa who was also seen buying  his 2x 200ml of Tekuteku and 750ml of Vineyard. The two continued drinking the illicit beer until 1400hrs when they were seen proceeding to Mutasa Business Centre (DC)  where they separated. 

Maxwell was seen by eye-witnesses entering Chidokohori bar and was seen drinking Tekuteku spirit from the back pocket of the jean trousers he was wearing by the bar  tender  Kuziva Samunda. At around 20.34 hrs on the same day when Samunda closed the bar, the deceased had already left the bar. However, Maxwell  was later found  by two brothers  Wonder and Joseph Manhenga at around 23.35 hrs lying near Newengo Primary School still alive.

The two were proceeding to their workplace, Zviuya Grinding Mill  at Mutasa DC. Wonder and Joseph Manhenga tried to assist the deceased to his home but they failed since the later was heavily drunk. The two asked Gwechekweche if he was assaulted by anyone, which he declined.

Wonder later informed the deceased’s sister Hildah Chindondondo of Nhera Village  Mutasa as well as the ZRP Mutasa DC at around 01.00Hrs the following day. The Police led by Sergeant Bvumai Rushwaya   attended the scene and found Maxwell alive. On  being interviewed, the deceased said nothing had been done on him but the police noted that the deceased was very drunk and had dust all over his body. During that time the deceased’s sister Hildah also interviewed the deceased but he still maintained that nothing had been done on him.

Hildah later  asked for the Police to assist her with their vehicle to ferry  the now deceased to Bonda Mission Hospital for treatment. At Bonda Mission Hospital, 25 kilometres away from Mutasa DC, the deceased reportedly refused to be attended to by a nurse, Loveness Charangwa as he was still heavily drunk. However the nurse decided to admit him and Hildah remained at the Hospital monitoring his condition. At round 06.00 Hrs, Dr Brilliant Mbangani  pronounced that Maxwell  had died. Manica Post


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