Monday 29 July 2019


THE opposition MDC says it is working with some of the ruling Zanu PF party legislators to impeach President Emmerson Mnangagwa, a legislator has revealed.

Addressing a rally in his constituency, Epworth legislator Ethrage Kureva said the MDC party would soon be moving a motion to impeach Mnangagwa.

“Among the processes we will be using to oust Mnangagwa out of office for his failure to deal with economic problems, which have seen the country go 18 hours without electricity daily, is impeachment and we are working with those in Zanu PF to ensure it’s successful,” Kureva said.

The MDC will need support from Zanu PF, which holds a two-thirds majority in Parliament.
Party insiders said the MDC was engaging disgruntled Zanu PF legislators, who feel that they are being targeted one by one for having belonged to the ousted G40 cabal.

“The impeachment strategy is also on the table and Zanu PF legislators are willing to come on board. They are also unhappy with the government and sad economic state of affairs. So as the MDC, we are looking to use the factions in the party to bring pressure on his doorstep,” an MDC insider told NewsDay. 

Party deputy chairperson Job Sikhala said the impeachment process alone would not succeed because Zanu PF MPs have only indicated they will join the push to oust Mnangagwa if they are sure he will go.

“We have to mount pressure from all corners, including occupying the streets to ensure Mnangagwa is removed from power before 2023. Hate me or like me, I will not rest until Nelson Chamisa is declared president of this country,” Sikhala declared.

He said mass demonstrations were coming in the face of high levels of poverty and collapse of social services.
“It is you and me who carry the responsibility and burden to liberate our country from the jaws of poverty, dictatorship and shortages. We have to act and act we will. We must not be scared of Zanu PF using police and jails against political enemies. They arrested me, I am not scared, so you too should not be,” Sikhala told thousands of supporters.

Party chairperson Thabitha Khumalo called on supporters to brace for a bloodbath, saying it would not be easy to remove Mnangagwa.

“Mnangagwa is not a pair of shoes, he will not go easily. Shoes are easy to remove, but not Mnangagwa. He is a pangolin thief and hard-hearted man. He is not a cattle rustler. Demonstrating against him will result in loss of blood, but that should not scare us because blood is what waters the liberation movement and struggle,” she said. 

Khumalo said the mass action and plots to remove Mnangagwa constitutionally would not stop unless there was dialogue, which will eventually lead to a transitional authority and peaceful elections.

“We went to the liberation war and lives were lost, but we eventually ended up having a negotiated settlement. The MDC will be happy to have dialogue and solve the questions of the day without the need to spill blood, but our love for peace will not stop our action to deliver the country from poverty, corruption and dictatorship,” she said.

Addressing the same rally, MDC Harare provincial chairperson Wellington Chikombo said 2017 was a mistake and any action that would come would not allow Zanu PF to remain solely in charge of charting Zimbabwe’s destiny.

“We celebrated the ouster of Mugabe in 2017, which celebration was a mistake. This time around, the people will not leave the streets or let their guard down until and unless we attain full democratisation of our nation,” he said.
Under the sound of humming generators, Morgen Komichi, who is Chamisa’s policy and strategy secretary, said the party was putting all its energy into removing Mnangagwa.

“If he was elected democratically and constitutionally, he must be prepared to be removed democratically and constitutionally as well and that we are going to do,” he said.

Mnangagwa, soon after the 2018 elections, disclosed that he was aware of plans by some of his party’s legislators to impeach him. Newsday


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