Sunday 14 July 2019


ZANU-PF Central Committee Member and Bulawayo Senator Molly Mpofu’s house in Magwegwe West was on Friday night almost burnt down after fire fighters failed to attend to the scene claiming they had no fuel.

In an interview at her home yesterday, Sen Mpofu said she suspected a candle could have caused the fire. “When we went to sleep there was no electricity and I suspect that a candle that was left burning could have caused the fire,” she said. 

“I was very fortunate that I managed to escape the room and get the only 20- litre of bucket of water which I used to extinguish the fire.

As I was sleeping, I felt as if I was chocking and when I woke up the whole room was covered in smoke and I saw a blazing flame on the wall and that is when I realised what was happening.

When I called the Fire Brigade they said they could not attend since they did not have fuel.”

Sen Mpofu said it was unfortunate that at the time there was no water and electricity. Sen Mpofu said a house in her neighbourhood was also burnt recently. 

“The situation has gotten out of hand because another house in my neighbourhood was almost burnt down after a child forgot to switch off a Sen Mpofu promised to engage Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) on problems and dangers people are now facing due to load shedding.

“Zesa must put its house in order. Leaders of this city should be aware of what might happen due to their actions because the situation might have gotten even worse because there was no water, infact it is the second week without water.” Sunday News


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