Friday 12 July 2019


HOMICIDE detectives in Rusape have launched a manhunt for a fugitive killer husband who axed his wife thrice and killed her instantly after catching her in a compromising position with another man.

The suspect, Tendai Changurungudza (25), of Mutsai Village, under Chief Makoni, has been declared a fugitive from justice after viciously killing his 19-year-old wife Violet Chisanga in cold blood with an axe.

This was after catching her seated in the bush with one Nomatter Chirima.

It is alleged that when Violet and Chirima spotted Changurungudza, they fled in different directions, prompting the accused to pursue his wife. 

Changurungudza apprehended Violet and struck her on the foot and head before dragging her to Chirima’s homestead where he struck her on the collar bone and she died instantly.

The District Criminal Investigations Officer (Rusape and Nyanga) Superintendent Shepherd Tachiona confirmed the gruesome murder and appealed to members of the public with information leading to the arrest of Changurungudza.

“The suspect Tendai Changurungudza received a tip-off that his wife Violet Chisanga was having an extra marital affair with one Nomatter Chirima.

On July 3, 2019 Violet left their homestead on the pretext that she was going to the nearby mountain to fetch firewood. She left with an axe, and after sometime Changurungudza followed her into the bush, observing her actions from a distance. 

“While in the bush, Changurungudza saw his wife seated with Chirima and when he emerged, Chisanga and Chirima fled in different directions, leaving the axe behind. Changurungudza picked the axe and ran after his wife. He caught her after a distance, and struck her on the foot and head. The victim was badly injured and was bleeding profusely.

“Changurungudza dragged his wife to Chirima’s homestead where he struck her, for the third time, on the collar bone, in the presence of Chirima, and killed her on the spot. He hurled insults at Chirima before he fled the scene.

“His whereabouts are not known and we are appealing to those with information lead ing to his arrest to contact the nearest police or CID Rusape on 0772 859598.

“We are urging couples with marital challenges to seek help and counselling services from family, village elders, friends or church leaders. People must desist from resorting to violence; taking the law into their own hands is a punishable criminal act. Regardless of the circumstances, people should value the sanctity of human life, it is sacrosanct,” said Superintendent Tachiona. Manica Post


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