Tuesday 16 July 2019


Cape Town – South African music legend Johnny Clegg has died.

The local legend's death was confirmed to Channel24  via a statement released to the press by Johnny's longtime manager Roddy Quin.

In the statement Roddy said: "It is with immense sadness that we confirm that Jonathan (Johnny) Clegg, OBE OIS, succumbed to pancreatic cancer at the age of 66 on the afternoon of 16 July 2019 at his family home in Johannesburg, South Africa."

The touching tribute continued: "Johnny leaves deep footprints in the hearts of every person that considers him/herself to be an African. He showed us what it was to assimilate to and embrace other cultures without losing your identity. An anthropologist that used his music to speak to every person. With his unique style of music he traversed cultural barriers like few others. In many of us he awakened awareness."
The 66-year-old musician was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and told The Juice in 2017: "I’m dealing with another parallel world that I work in with my diagnosis. Pancreatic [cancer] is lethal. There’s no way out of it."

Clegg’s song Scatterlings of Africa topped charts in South Africa and made gave the singer his first entry into the UK Charts. 

The immensely popular song was also featured on the soundtrack to the 1988 Oscar-winning film Rain Man.
Other hits by the veteran performer include: Impi, Great Heart, African Sky Blue and many more. 


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