Wednesday 1 May 2019


Two illegal gold miners have died in two separate incidences where both were carrying out mining activities in Penhalonga.

The search for gold ended up futile for Njabulo Ncube, who died after he slipped and fell in a mining shaft at Redwing Mine.

According to the police, Ncube was in the company of two other illegal miners when they entered the mining shaft using a rope.

After spending a day in the shaft, the three decided to end their expedition but as they were going up, Ncube fell back into the shaft and reportedly died on the spot.
His body was retrieved by Redwing Mine rescue team on 27 April, three days after the incident had occurred.

In a separate incident this Tuesday, a 35-year old man died in a tunnel at Trust Mine in Penhalonga after he was trapped in a tunnel following its collapse.

Daniel Bakani, who sneaked into the tunnel to look for gold died before help was mobilised to get him out of the tunnel.

Following these incidences, Manicaland Provincial Police Deputy Spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Luckson Chananda discouraged the public from engaging in illegal mining activities.

“As police, we discourage people from engaging in illegal mining activities as they only lead to unwarranted deaths. Most of the miners have no expertise in mining and they also do not have the right machinery to carry out mining activities. More so, such conduct can lead to the arrest of those caught in the act of illegally mining precious minerals. We also encourage members of the public to quickly report such accidents so that help can be provided on time so as to avoid unnecessary deaths,” said Assistant Inspector Chananda.
The issue of illegal miners remains a challenge across the country as it does not only pose a threat to the miners lives but also to the environment. zbc


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