Sunday 4 November 2018


It was a night to remember. A night when the Harare International Conference Centre was once again filled with music lovers as Jah Prayzah launched his latest album titled “Chitubu”.

It has become a tradition for Jah Prayzah to fill the venue at his album launches. It initially appeared as if he would not repeat the feat when rains fell in some parts of the capital a few hours before the event.

However, as it turned out, the rains seemed to be showers of blessings for the “Kutonga Kwaro” hitmaker. For an album that is titled “Chitubu” (water spring), superstitious observers can be forgiven for concluding that the musician got special rains to water the event from the heavens.

And Jah Prayzah always leaves people with questions about his connection with the supernatural world when he does emotionally-loaded songs like “Goto”.

Some people have concluded that he gets possessed when he does such songs. Well, if Jah Prayah gets possessed on stage, then on Friday night he should have been under pleasant influence from many powerful spirits.

He was on top of his game and he was as energetic as ever. He showed many music followers why his forays to foreign lands should never be taken for granted.

The stage was immaculately designed to match international standards and the statement of a memorable night was clear from the onset of the programme.

Other musicians like Seh Calaz, Mbeu, Carlos Green, Ex-Q, Nutty O and Coco Master warmed the stage for the man of the night.

Formalities of the launch included having Pastor Charles Charamba as a surprise guest of honour of the night.

Pastor Charamba showered praises for Jah Prayzah and saluted the lanky musician for his sharp ear for advice from his elders in the industry.

Jah Prayzah finally went on stage for his military offensive after midnight. His band was clad in their trademark military  regalia.

The act was spiced up by cross-genre acts with a violin player and a ballet dancer joining the team on stage.

Jah Prayzah mixed his new songs with old hits and fans enjoyed every moment of the show.

He dedicated the song “Seke” to his mother, who was present at the launch, and also had a few words for his wife, Rufaro, who celebrated her birthday on Saturday.

The peak of his performance was when his former lead guitarist, Baba Harare, went on stage. Baba Harare went on stage when Jah Prayzah did the song “Chinamira” and the crowd sang along to the popular “Baba Harare musadaro” lines.

Jah Prayzah was quick to introduce Baba Harare as he sang the latter’s song “The Reason Why”, that is popularly known as ‘Heti Dzemurara’.

Fans belted out the song in unison while Baba Harare and Jah Prayzah’s dancers went down to synchronised  paces.

Jah Prayzah also took time to salute partners that worked with him to organise the album launch. He introduced Tinashe Mutarisi of Nash Paints, who has been a prominent partner in Third Generation adventures and various projects from JP Studios.

The launch also saw the musician partnering with electronics company Avion that has become popular for availing products like cellphones, laptops, iPads and television sets at affordable prices.

The partnership between Jah Prayzah and Avion made the way for various joint ventures that are in the pipeline to promote “Chitubu” across the  country.

Jah Prayzah’s manager, Keen Mushapaidze, said the next step after the album launch is to take the release to all corners of the country through a nationwide tour.

“We are glad for having such a successful launch. We will soon be taking the album to some parts of the country through live shows. We want to thank Avion and other partners that made this launch possible.

“We are going to market the album countrywide and Avion, which distributes its products through Nash Paints and Coloursel Furniture outlets, will help us achieve our goals,” said Mushapaidze. Herald


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