Saturday 3 November 2018


The Procurement Authority of Zimbabwe has nailed former University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Vice Chancellor Levi Nyagura for allegedly abusing his office to prejudice the university of thousands of dollars.

Nyagura was arrested on Thursday by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission following an investigation into the matter. He appeared before a Harare magistrate yesterday facing 27 counts of abuse of office.

He is being charged together with UZ top officials Lazarus Mabvira and James Chipendo.

It is the State’s case that sometime between 2015 and 2018, the trio connived on various occasions to prejudice the university substantial amounts of money by “dubiously” awarding tenders for services needed by the university.

On one instance, it is alleged that the university was said to have received services of cutting down five trees from Tynwald Sawmills which was awarded the tender in the absence of due diligence.

It is alleged that Tynwald Sawmills was paid $9 950 but there was neither security check nor store keepers’ signature to confirm that the services were rendered.

On another occasion, the trio, allegedly acting in connivance, split a tender of a single procurement into two purchases, each below the competitive bidding threshold of $10 000 and warded the two contracts to Tynwald Sawmills without going to formal tender as required by the law.
The company received $9 500 and $8 950 for the two purchases of crane lifting and dumping four stumps excavated.

On another occasion, Nyagura and his accomplices allegedly awarded Moonman Private Limited, which is owned by the same directors of Tynwald Sawmills, a contract without going to tender.
This became their modus operandi, the court heard, prejudicing the university of substantial amounts of money.

Nyagura has also another case before the court of criminal abuse of office for allegedly awarded a 
“bogus” PHD to former first lady Grace Mugabe.

The trial was temporarily halted pending the outcome of a Constitutional Court appeal challenging his prosecution. Daily News


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