Thursday 1 November 2018


PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance leader (PHD) Prophet Walter Magaya yesterday retracted his claims that he had found a cure for HIV and Aids and apologised for making the announcement. He blamed himself for being excitable.

“I carry a very important apology to the Ministry, to the public at large and all organisations. I, after discovering what I discovered, which was tested, and holding a report which was overwhelming to myself, I went on and announced what I was carrying in my hands without taking note of the authorities of Zimbabwe,” said Prophet Magaya.
Prophet Magaya said he learnt a lesson.

“We rushed with the results of what we were carrying without the authorities scrutinising it. At the same time I would like to acknowledge the Ministry, which has held me like a child and showed me the way,” he said.

Prophet Magaya said his apology followed calls by Government and other stakeholders to publicly retract the claim until a proper clinical trial on the efficacy and safety of the Aguma herb has been done.

“I appreciate what other boards are writing that I must retract, which is what I am doing right now,” he said.

He said he had since engaged Government to embark on local clinical trials for the herb.
“According to what the Ministry has assured us, we are going to run very intense trials until they have come up with a position on the plant,” said Prophet Magaya.

He also clarified the lipstick video circulating on social media as his third innovation saying he was just giving an example to his congregants that other countries like India had progressed with medical technology and already have treatments for diseases like anaemia in the form of a lipstick.

Speaking at the same occasion, Health and Child Care Minister Dr Obadiah Moyo applauded Prophet Magaya’s decision to retract his claims.

He urged people living with HIV and Aids to continue taking their antiretroviral drugs.
Dr Moyo said Prophet Magaya made his claims without realising the impact of it considering his huge following.

“We want to continue emphasising to the population that whatever ARVs that you are on, please carry on taking them. Prophet Magaya’s medications are not yet approved,” said Dr Moyo.
He said although Prophet Magaya said he carried out his research in India, Zimbabwe had its own regulations for medicines.

He said Prophet Magaya holds a licence but it only gives him an opportunity to register his complementary medicine either as an allopathic, which requires clinical trials or alternatively, just as a complementary medicine.

Dr Moyo said while Government appreciated research, everything must be proven scientifically.
He revealed that Prophet Magaya assured Government that he will not dispense any of his products.
In relation to the scheduled clinical trials, Dr Moyo said the process will start with Prophet Magaya availing his documentation of efficacy trials he said were conducted in India.
Dr Moyo said Prophet Magaya will bankroll the clinical trials.

“It is not our responsibility to thwart anyone’s ideas or discoveries. We want discoveries in Zimbabwe. We have been using herbal concoctions from other countries,” he said. Herald


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