Friday 7 September 2018


Peter Moyo has been the subject of many debates and discussions this week following his victory over the so-called music giants of local showbiz last weekend.

It is likely that his show tomorrow night at Miami Nightclub in Sunningdale will attract a capacity crowd since many music followers are eager to discover the young musician’s magic.

For those that missed the issue of last week’s “victory”, here is the story.
On the same night that the supposed crème de la crème failed to attract an expected crowd at Alexandra Sports Club, Moyo had a full house at East Point in the city centre, a few kilometres from the giants’ hunting ground.

It was an unexpected occurrence since Young Igwe, as Moyo is popularly known, was competing with a formidable drawcard combination that included Alick Macheso, Jah Prayzah, Suluman Chimbetu and Killer T.

Comparatively, the “Clash of Giants” concert might have attracted a number of fans higher than Young Igwee’s, but the turnout at Alex Sports Club was a far cry from expectations while attendance at East Point surpassed anticipations.

By this development, showbiz pundits unanimously declared Young Igwee winner of the battle of fans that night.

Although the victory does not suggest that Moyo is bigger than the stars that were at “Clash of Giants”, it shows the cumulative effect of the musician’s strengths in showbiz.
His major strength is consistency. Peter holds at least two shows every weekend and he has won the trust of his followers. Although he sometimes gets low numbers at the shows, the musician does not lose heart, he keeps on pushing.

He also utilises broad marketing avenues. The musician is active on many social media platforms including Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter.

Moyo is an administrator of about 15 groups that focus solely on his music.
He is also a member of many other social groups, which gives him an advantage when marketing his shows.

He regularly posts his show posters and videos from the gigs, which has aroused interest in some fans to attend his shows.

Another attribute that has given Moyo a better ground is gradual maturity. In the beginning of his career the musician had a problem with professional issues. He would turn up late for shows and had a general problem with punctuality even when attending important appointments.

That problem has faded and the young musician is becoming mature. His level of punctuality has improved, which has won him trust from show organisers and fans. The most recent and more efficient trick for Moyo is luring ladies to his shows. It is a trick that worked well for his father and also for Jah Prayzah.

Most musicians that can lure ladies to their shows get a ripple effect of men being attracted to the gigs for social reasons.

Young Igwe’s father Tongai used common chants to praise ladies and they were his cash cow.
It is a fact that every place where beautiful ladies hang around become popular.
So, the “victory” that Moyo was only a manifestation of accumulating benefits of the young musician’s strategies.

He is not up there on the music ladder but he is definitely employing useful tactics to market his brand. Herald


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