Monday 17 September 2018


The government has intensified the fight against cholera and typhoid in Harare, with the Harare City Council and police partnering in enforcing the ban on all illegal vending activities in the central business district (CBD).

There was heavy police presence in Harare’s CBD today, with vending activities minimal.

Harare City Council Spokesperson, Mr Michael Chideme said citizens must make use of legal vending sites in their respective residential areas and decongest the central business district.

Failure by the local authority to collect garbage in the CBD has however been cited as another challenge that requires urgent attention.

The council is already working on repairing toilets and ensuring safe water provisions so that Harare soon returns its Sunshine City status.

Environmental Management Agency (EMA) Spokesperson, Mr Rambwai Mapako said more still needs to be done by stakeholders and the citizens at large who must adopt a new culture of keeping the environment clean.

At busy bus termini like Simon Muzenda and Copa Cabana and Market Square, there was a semblance of sanity as only registered companies for food and drink were in operation.

Apart from fighting the epidemic, the exercise will guarantee cleanliness in the CBD. zbc


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