Saturday 22 September 2018


A 23-year-old Kudakwashe Kwenda died a horrific death when he was recently electrocuted during routine clearing of transmission power lines in Vumba.

The father of the deceased, Michael Kwenda who described the death of Kudakwashe as “a case of gross negligence” said his son died a painful death.

“I don’t understand how the power line was switched on while there were people still working on the line. I understand there are procedures that are supposed to be taken before switching on the power that were not followed,” Mr Kwenda said.

“There was no body viewing, my son was so badly burnt and what we buried was just a black ball,” Mr Kwenda said, narrating the tragic incident.

The late Kudakwashe was a contract worker hired by Runmont, a company contracted by the Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution Company.

Mr Kwenda told The Manica Post that it was a double tragedy for him. His son died the same day with his mother and when the news about the death of his son came, he was in Domboshawa where he had gone  to see his sick mother days before she died. His mother died in the morning, while Kudakwashe died around 5pm.

“I told my wife to go back home after receiving Kudakwashe’s death message while I proceeded to Chivhu to bury my mother. Kudakwashe died around 5pm according to information we received but I was informed the following day around 4am.

“I am told the workers were working on the last pole and Kudakwashe went up the pole holding the electricity cables that were supposed to be connected before the line was switched on. According to the witnesses, Kudakwashe was about two metres from another worker he was supposed to handover the cables when he was electrocuted.

“He fell to the ground holding the cables and he was burnt beyong recognition and all that was left was a black ball.”

The surrounding area was also set alight by the live power cables when Kudakwashe fell to the ground.

Kudakwashe was a twin to Kudzanai. “Its a painful double loss but, what can we do? It was God’s will like his name says,” Mr Kwenda said in self consolation.

The Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution Company spokesperson, Mr Fullard Gwasira said: “We are currently undertaking an investigation into what transpired with a view towards greater undertstanding of what transpired, and also ensuring that such incidences never recur. We are then guided by the outcome of that investigation.” Manica Post


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