The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) have intercepted 250 bales of cloth, shoes and other items following an ambush in Chipinge along the border with Mozambique.

Smuggling is rife along the Zimbabwe Mozambican border in Chipinge as people take advantage of the porous border area to sneak their goods into the country.

ZRP Officer Commanding Chipinge District, Chief Superintendent Amon Ndou said they received following a tip off on the rampant smuggling activities along the Chipinge boarder area with Mozambique and decided to lay an ambush.

Chief Superintendent Ndou warned smugglers to stop the illegal activities or risk being arrested.

“We laid an ambush after a realisation that smuggling is rife along the Mozambican border with Chipinge. We are taking measures to reduce cases of smuggling that is bleeding the economy,” he said.

Meanwhile, police have arrested three smugglers while the driver of one of the trucks is still at large after running away with the case being investigated under Chipinge Urban C.R 83/09/18.

The accused will appear in court for contravening Section 182(1) of the Customs and Exercise Duty Act Chapter 20:03 on failure to declare goods or smuggling.