Thursday 6 September 2018


ZIMDANCEHALL chanter, Silent Killer (real name Jimmy Mudereri), who was arrested in Harare on Sunday for fraud after he allegedly swindled a Victoria Falls promoter of $600, was yesterday released from police custody.

Silent Killer of the Ndini Ndirikupisa and Locker Mastreets fame was detained at Waterfalls Police Station in Harare before being transported to Victoria Falls on Tuesday evening after the complainant Nicholas Mukarati, who is the proprietor of Comfort Pub and Grill in Victoria Falls, made an application for him to be detained.

He arrived in Victoria Falls on Wednesday morning where he was supposed to appear in court because the case was reported here.
Mukarati said he sought police help after the artiste allegedly started dodging him and using vulgar language.

“Initially, he was meant to play in Vic Falls on March 31 so I sent $200 to him via EcoCash after he demanded a deposit. As the date drew closer, he claimed not to have received the money I’d sent through his manager.

“He then told me he had other shows lined up, which I understood,” Mukarati said.
The promoter said he re-engaged Silent Killer and a date was set for July but the artiste still did not pitch up.

“We sent him another $200 through my wife’s EcoCash account in July and agreed that the money was for transport since he already had the other $200.
“I went away and when I returned, he told me he had challenges with his car hence he couldn’t travel,” said Mukarati.

A day before the rescheduled event, Mukarati said he suggested that Silent Killer uses public transport. But alas, more excuses were given as the artiste claimed he could not board a bus from Harare to Victoria Falls.

“I told him to board the morning bus since he had missed the evening one and he agreed. I kept checking on him every 30 minutes and he kept lying that he was in a bus that was failing to get passengers.
“From there he started being abusive.”

Mukarati said he was infuriated when Silent Killer started insulting him over the phone.
“I told him I was now reporting him to the police and he started using the f*** word. I then reported him to the police who picked him on Sunday from a place where he was hiding after getting wind that the police were looking for him”, he said.

Fortunately for Silent Killer, he ended up not going to court as he showed remorse at the Victoria Falls police station where he paid back $200. He also filed an affidavit committing to pay back the remaining $400 in a month. He was given an opportunity to reform and has since been released from police custody. Chronicle


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